Friday, September 10, 2010

Aussie Inspiration on Day 25

Day 25

Yes, yes, yes, I know all the Americans reading this are groaning, I am yet to meet an American who likes the iconic Aussie spread Vegemite.  But believe me here in Australia most everyone loves or at least likes it.

The flavour is strong and I have seen people spread this so thick on their bread I gag.  It is a smear you are meant to apply not a good full covering.  And the bread should be thick and preferably white.  One of the only times I eat white bread is with a lashing of cold butter and a smear of vegemite.  On toast the bread must also be thick, hot and melty with butter,  the vegemite should almost be swimming in the butter I know fat, fat, fat, but the taste ahhhh, now that's something.

We had an American exchange student stay with us for nearly a year back in 2001 and she never acquired the taste, I think maybe it is born and bred in us Aussies.  She did have cheese in a tin though and I ask the question, WHY, why does anyone put cheese in a tin?  Yuck, yuck!!!!!!

What is an iconic, well know food in your country?  Come on share the strange and odd things with us.  My African friends eat fish with the head and eyes, eekk!!!! I did eat some whole, tiny, fish of some sort, dried, out crispy and mashed in a tahini paste one day, and no I did not know I was eating them until I said, hey this is good what's in it?  See sometimes it is better just not to ask.  So share with me some of your favourites please!!!!


  1. I have heard of this!!

    Your hokey twin~:)

  2. I lived with a bunch of Aussies for the last year - they provided the vegemite and tim tams, I brought the peanut butter and somehow it worked

  3. What's a kitchen series with out a jar of vegemite.

    Nothing better than vegemite on toast for brekkie!!

    I hope you and your family are well.

  4. My big question is: Do you really have Woolworth stores there??? They have been gone around here for YEARS! Cheese in a tin? Never saw it, but never looked either... Oh, maybe in a squirt out tall can? I think they invented that for fall out shelters in the 50's. LOL It is not "really" cheese... LOL More Elle photos please!!! :-)

  5. Hey hokey girl, you should try it.
    So wow living with us how did that go Jamie?
    Liss I know so iconic
    Sharon, yes we do have Woolworths here and Big W which is like your Walmart I believe. It was Cheese Wiz i think yep you squirted it out yuk!!!


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