Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the 19th Day Rehoused.

Day 19
And here we are the cherries re-housed.  I love these little bottles, I have three actually, small, medium and large.  They are Italian and I just like them.  So after their photo sitting, I had to either eat the cherries, cook with them or simply re-house them and voila what did I choose yep the calorie free easy way out.  And don't you love Kim's texture too. 

Also it's Father's Day here tomorrow the first Sunday in September and all three girls are coming on over to barbecue for Adrian and me of course.  It will be lovely actually.  Unfortunately Paul is working so Alicia and Elle will be on their own, but we'll look after them no worries.  This is Paul's first real Father's Day, Lucas had passed away this time last year so I think tomorrow is special.

Oh and I have been doing a little crafty stuff round here.  I am making a mobile for Elle's room, I'll show that when it's finished and I have been touching up some Palm tree seed casings to use on the barby table.  Take a look, what do you think?
These seed casings actually sit behind the huge tail of seeds that hang in our palm trees.  I saw in the Freedom furniture store one day, some of these just cleaned up and varnished and holding some little baubles.  I thought I can do that so I asked Adrian to cut them down for me when he was pruning the other day.  I love the colour and texture of them.

He had some old varnish in the shed and I painted them up, they are drying now and I hope tomorrow to put one on the barbecue table, maybe with breadrolls or something in it.  Maybe not I might just use them for decoration.  They were $70 in Freedom, you have to be kidding.  Anyway I'll see how they turn out and let you see them too.

So have a great weekend all.


  1. I don't know why I am always surprised that Fathers Days are different days in different countries. It will be a special fathers day for Paul and that is exciting, glad you are spending time with the family. those palm trays are really cool. and look at the money you are saving. have a great weekend. It is a long weekend here, hubby starts holidays here, so will not be around for a bit, unless I am awake so early in the am. be well my friend. take care.

  2. Love the addition of the texture to the photo.

  3. these seed casings are absolutely beautiful! wow! i love them.

    and aren't kims textures, just amazing. can't say enough.

    hoping your family has a wonderful fathers day! love to you all.


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