Friday, September 3, 2010

18 Days and counting

Day 18

Hey the 18th picture but whose actually, it is getting a little harder than at first but I guess this was the point after all.  So I will persevere and see where I end up.  Glace cherries, do you love them, I do. I love the sticky fingers after I squeeze them from the packet.  Not that I have baked much lately, really I should but I just am not motivated at the moment, or should I say I haven't been motivated for about a year now.  So I actually opened the new packet of cherries just so I could take their picture, maybe I will feel guilty enough if I just put them back in the pantry to actually to get off my butt and bake, maybe, maybe not!!
I do love the red though, so shiny and lush looking.  And the little trail of sticky juice they leave behind, yum, yum.  I wonder if they are real, they don't taste anything like real cherries and I love real cherries, and marichino (spelling) cherries, oh my favourite, reminds me of the movie Grease.  Oh well where does my mind go sometimes.  I am making a mobile for Elle at the moment will show pictures later.
Happy Friday to you and me.


  1. LOL I love Marti! and cherries. I would have to eat them straight from the packet.

  2. If you bake something won't that provide you with several photo opportunities? Just a thought.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, have fun making the mobile. hugs.

  4. Marti oh Char don't tell me you are a Grease girl too LOL.
    EccentricLady I know it would wouldn't it bother bother bother I might just have to do that ha ha!
    Lynn, Luscious yep and sweet and sticky oh yum.
    Thanks Cinner I will you too have a good weekend.


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