Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 17 and Mad Men

Day 17
Hmm what the heck is this you might ask, well it's a few gerbra petals laying on the table top and the vase that holds the flowers layered in the bottom with glass discs.  Kind of pretty don't you think?  So does it look like I am getting a bit stuck for pictures to take in my kitchen, who yelled YES  ok you would be right!!  And of course the fact that I have been pretty much off the grid for a week now with a late winter cold isn't helping.  It is the 2nd day of Spring over here in Australia and I should be bouncing around like a whirlygig or whatever.  Instead I am laying in bed reading the paper with a cup of tea every morning, dragging myself out of bed for a few hours and laying on the couch instead.  I have begun to watch the first season of Mad Men.  Apparently a huge hit in the states and about advertising executives and their wives and mistresses in the 1950's.  I am liking it actually.  It frustrates me no end, all the cigarette smoking, all the cheating on the wives, all the super domesticated women waiting so cheerfully at home for their husbands to tromp through the door every evening and pretty well ignore them.  It is a showcase of life in those days, what we hear of as the good ole' days so often, well I don't know that I would agree with that after watching a few episodes of this.  Any one tell me was it really like this really!!!!!  But the styles and the ideas of the time intrigue me, I wonder about my own mother in those days, what was she doing.  I was born in 1961 and mum and dad married 7 years before I was born so she would have been the typical housewife in the 50's.  I just can't see my mum behaving like these women on the show.  So it intrigues me.

Well I am exhausted again off to veg in front of the telly for a while.  Enjoy all.


  1. Way to turn something so ordinary into something beautiful.

  2. maybe they were in the more higher to middle class - not in the area where i lived. my mom was a stay at home mom but she had housework and then card parties and stuff.

  3. Oh dear, hope you are feeling better soon, take it easy as your are, I have not seen the show, will have to give it a go. hugs to you.

  4. Char yes i can remember my parents playing canasta a card game on week end nights. Thanks Cinner on the mend a little now actually. Oh Jamie thank you


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