Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 20 Father's Day

Day 19
Ok so in my kitchen (well kind of), today were the best things of all, my family. Danielle's my favourite daughter. (Do you think I have been sabotaged, Danielle snuck in thinking I wouldn't notice and added this little tidbit so I think I'll leave it just to satisfy her, haha!!!).  All of them, for Father's Day.  We celebrated with Paul & Alicia and Elle for Paul's first Father's Day since Lucas passed away, it was just lovely.  Maybe you can see the capsule in the background, well Elle is in it sleeping.  Something of a novelty these days, since she has realised she can squirm a little, grizzle a little and someone, will pick her up and cuddle her.  Oh the charm of being a baby with so many people to love you and cuddle you and dote on you, she is adored by us all.   So today is a happy day, a day where we were surrounded by our favourite people, a day filled with love and laughter and good food and family, the best days of all.

Danielle and Ashleigh spent quite a bit of time nursing little Elle and fussing over her.  It's so funny seeing these totally carefree girls all clucky over this little angel.  I love it seriously, my heart is so full.
Elle needs to be elevated after a feed for a while, not resting on her tummy or held up against your body or reflux makes her bring up her milk, so Danielle took my lead and nursed her this way, she looks like she's pretty happy don't you think?

I promised I would show you how my seed casings turned out after I had varnished them up, well on our table for lunch I filled them with glass discs and candles, I love, love, love it.  This is just one, I am so happy with the result and it saved me over $70.00 hey I should go shopping and spend the money I saved, good Idea or what?

The cheese puffs in the front here are from a Contessa in France, we visited her Chateau and she has a lovely cookbook  that I bought and these were so delicious.  What a day a wonderful Father's Day surrounded by everyone we love most in this world.  I truly hope you had a wonderful Sunday too.


  1. Beautiful photos!!! The joy is clearly evident..The seed casings turned out so well..and Elle..Well? I love that pose ..we've seen it in tiny boys here.
    Your place looks great too.Keep that heart full!~Happy for you.

  2. looks like a wonderful day!! :)

  3. I must be your favourite if you left it there :) xoxo


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