Monday, September 6, 2010

21 Days and a look in my garden

Day 20 
My Basil plant on the window sill above the sink, I just love the smell of Basil, Coriander, Lemon Grass, herbs in general really.  I have since planted this out into a large pot, I want to be able to just throw a few Basil leaves in my salads now that Spring has sprung and Summer will be here in no time. 
It has been raining for a few days too now and I raced outside with my camera yesterday, before everyone arrived for Father's Day lunch, look what I found......

Firstly the big hairy guy caught my eye, he is quite amazing so hairy, bristly and wet.  He looked like he had a punk hairdo in the rain.  Then as I was scouring round the gum tree I spotted this cocoon, made with what look like his or her hairs rally cool hey!!!!  And then I spotted this little guy, well he was off and running or crawling, I wish I could watch him grow into the big one.

I think this is his/her mouth not sure though.
The rain was wonderful and the weather bureau is predicting good falls throughout summer, now that will be a novelty round here.  We have been in such a drought for so long now.  It's wonderful though outside after the rain.  Like a tiny fairy wonderland, dripping with little baubles on the tip of each branch.

Treasures to be discovered, captured and set free.  Happy Days.


  1. I see your Joy everywhere now! And Spring! Wow..You have so much to be gleeful for:)

  2. yay for your spring - love that wooly fella

  3. Precious good times....Love it!


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