Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 22 of Kitchen Stuff

DAY 22

I think it was Bourges in France, where Adrian found this little gem of a clock. So we carted it around for another 2 weeks, wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully transferred from one suitcase to the next, as we gradually began to load up on things to bring back.  I do love it though, it has a lovely pendulum swinging away under it and it has a pleasant little tick that I can hear most anywhere in the kitchen, family eating area.  It's really sweet and it is one of my favourite mementos from our journey through France.  It hangs on my kitchen wall and keeps me on time for all those things I have to get to.

A Kim Klassen texture once again they are delish really.

Father's Day as I said yesterday was wonderful and here is the little angel that first stole my heart some 26 years ago(Alicia) and here is the wonderful young man(Paul) who stole hers about 6 years ago and here is the newest little angel to steal all our hearts......Princess Elle.  What a Father's Day.  How tiny are those little toes. ha ha he!!!!


  1. What a sweet new family! Your daughter is so pretty.
    And the picture of her on the sidebar is adorable too.

  2. She has so much hair too..what a sweet family foto..

    Love the new clock to mark all these happy times for you~

  3. What a beautiful family (and clock)

  4. lovely, lovely indeed!
    awesome use of kim's texture on your clock image ... : )
    and oh ... such a beautiful family to cherish ... xo
    thank you so much for visiting and commenting so kindly ...
    blessings to you~

  5. Indie.Tea the couple in the picture are my daughter and son in law and my adorable little granddaughter, oh i wish i was that young and thin again. hahah!
    Monique, yes the same as her mother had cutie
    Jamie thanks I love them all
    PG thanks Kim's textures are fab


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