Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 23 in my kitchen

Day 23

I decided to just do it, to stop thinking about it and just bake.  I actually love baking, I just seem to have gotten out of the groove, ya know what I mean.  So today in my kitchen I am baking Tollhouse Cookies.  Oh my these are just so good.  Why wouldn't they be with 250grams of butter, heaps of sugar, eggs, choc chips and walnuts or macadamias, your choice.  The smell is amazing here right now oh my I wish you could smell this.

That hot buttery smell, the scent of melting chocolate and toasty nuts oh my goodness, scrumptious.  So take a cup of coffee, or your favourite tea, put your feet up, and join me please.  Yum oh and who wants to share a beater?


  1. I can almost taste them Kim, I do not dare bake here, there is an invisible person that goes mysteriously through our home taking baking and also shrinks my clothes. lol. hugs to you.

  2. I'll have to come around and have one!! xoxox

  3. oh cinner i know how long they will last here is a worry ha ha
    danielle anytime sweetheart


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