Tuesday, August 3, 2010


fishing boat in france

Ok so it is Stay-Cation week for me and many others, yep we are taking part in a week of inspiration over at Kim's Cafe and I have been asked to post a favourite song or singer of mine.  So I am choosing Kate Miller-Heidke I wish I could post the actual video clip but I can't so go on over to Youtube and check Kate out.  Firstly let me tell you she is an Aussie girl and she is cute, funky and very talented.  She actually comes from my home town Toowoomba so that is especially exciting for me.  She is funny and I think you'll love her music.  My favs are "Caught in the Crowd" and "I just can't take it"  so funny.  

Also we were challenged to do a random act of kindness for someone either once this week or as many times as we can.  Does doing the dishes for your daughters while they are at work count?  I dropped in to let in the pest exterminator and the kitchen bench was full of dishes so I washed, wiped and put them away, and I quickly made their beds, that's gotta count for something surely.  

So I think I am on my way to an inspired week.  Kim posted about a neat blog too, I checked it out and seriously the photographs here are wonderful.  The Travelling Tribe what an exciting family, taking off and travelling and having adventures all over the place.  I would love to do that, wouldn't you?!

Now you remember this little possum don't you, she is my little African baby, well she isn't actually mine, hey I'd love to have her don't worry about that, but she is named after me, how cool is that.  Well Kimmy turned 3 on Sunday yep, it's a little over  three years since her family arrived in Australia and here she is all grown up, well nearly.  

I took a cake over to her house and all the little children there were encouraged to put their hands on the knife and cut together.  It is a blessing for them and they get prayed for by one of the mum's while they cut, how cute are these little hands!!!!

When I ordered the cake I bought some little chocolate people to dance round the edge of the cake and the children loved it.  The sprinkled the remainder on top of the cake too.  It was so much fun.  Everyone singing Happy Birthday in a mixture of Mahdi (their African language) and English.  Really cute.

Ok so I am off to take some pics, make a card or two and maybe a collage, well I'm trying anyway.  Happy week everyone.


  1. hi there,
    oh my goodness.... i truly love every morsel you have shared here!!

    i love that you did the dishes and made the beds for your girls. that soooo totally counts...
    and your sweet little angel with the beautiful cake....

    seriously love this! thanks so much for playing along!!

    xxo, kim

  2. You've introduced me to someone amazing! Thanks so much for commenting and sharing such a great artist!

    And the photo with this post is AMAZING!!!!


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