Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Baby is Born

Well I suppose you can guess, I am a nanny again.  Yes last night at 10.30pm little Elle Faith Middleton was born.

We got the call just after midnight and of course that was the end of sleep for me.  Actually I had turned out the lights at about 9.45pm and hadn't been able to sleep much at all.  I wonder if it is possible that there is some incredible link between mothers and daughters and that somehow I knew Alicia was in the midst of giving birth while I was trying to sleep.  I think it's possible.

We have only one photo at the moment and I'm not sure if Alicia would want me to post it.  Elle is new in it really new, her hair still damp and her face still blotchy and not yet washed.  But she is beautiful. No I'm not being biased, really she has a cute little dimple and so much hair.  Just like her mum and her precious brother Lucas.  

Right now we are waiting on some results from tests done last night and I am literally chewing my fingers off.  Please God don't let anything happen to this little darling.  I really don't know if my heart could go through that again and I am certain it would be too much for Paul and Alicia.  So today we wait, not very patiently but as best we can.  We wait to hear that our little princess is well and we wait to see her.  We wait to cry with joy and rejoice in this wonderful, beautiful new life. 

We wait with our hearts beating like broken wings and our minds swirling with the possibilities of this new life.  We wait to hold her in our arms and place kisses on her cheeks. We wait as grandparents and aunties and great grandmums.  We wait and pray and hope and wish for the phone to ring and for the good news to come.  We wait in anticipation and hope.  We wait and we love her.

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  1. Your news made me cry happy tears today. I hope the tests are just formalities and all is perfect for your little angel. I think she is going to one spoiled and precious little girl. (but hey... nothing wrong with that, is there?)

    Cant wait to see photos. If I lived closers I'd be rushing over to take photos for you!!

  2. congrats on your new grandbaby!

    thanks for stopping by my blog, i enjoyed visiting here. i see you love to read, cook and take pics, i sure hope will try and join in food for thought, a quirky way to review books! next one is aug 14th, i hope to SEE what you are reading :-)

  3. Joy, joy joy!

    Love and peace to all of you. Prayers for all positive results!

  4. Congratulations, I am so excited for you all, I have all my fingers crossed and I am praying for you. I hope you get the results soon, and then can relax and enjoy the new bundle of love sent your way. hugs my friend.
    congratulations to your family.

  5. Congratulations! Enjoy that sweet little one.

  6. oh thanks everyone, we have been waiting with breathe held for results of tests to confirm Elle doesn't have the same liver problem that took Lucas and the news is good all clear. Yeah!!!!!


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