Friday, August 6, 2010

A Glimpse

Ok come on in quietly now, well not too quietly since she isn't home yet, but it is her room and I am practicing, tippy toeing around not waking the baby.  Elle is due home this afternoon, 3 days old and I haven't seen her in real life yet.  How did that happen!!!! I mean seriously, I am in trouble here, panting and sweating to get a hold of her.  

Adrian painted Alicia's kitchen for her today and I washed the cot sheets and some baby clothes, in preparation for her homecoming.  It was even the first time we had been in her room since Alicia had dressed it in girly things.  It looks so sweet.  

The little cows spinning and playing music behind the sweet chinese doll were given to Lucas, they make me laugh whenever I play them.  We got them in Switzerland last year and just loved them.

Oh and the sexy stiletto up top, was painted in ink by an artist in Monte Marte this year, its cool.  See the Eiffel Tower in the heel shadow.

Of course there a a stack of books, Alicia is addicted to reading and spends hours flying through novels, so little Elle will be well read in no time.

And spoilt, well she will be very loved let's put it that way.  Today I went out and couldn't resist a little leopard print legging and pink swing top and leopard print hat.  Umm along with 3 other outfits, two beanies and a bunny rug.  Oops, what can I say.!!!

But she does have some cute little bears too, which reminds me I have a gorgeous black one arriving soon.  Umm like I said just a little spoilt.

I almost forgot I picked up this so cute ladybug a week or two back, when I didn't even know if Alicia was having a girl or boy, I think I am the toy lover actually.  So this afternoon when the Princess arrives home I will get a few snaps and you can all drool along with me tomorrow ok.

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