Monday, August 2, 2010

Unspoken - Review

I cannot believe how many books I am whizzing through this year.  Really for years I read only Christian based books including novels.  Now I am reading all sorts of things and loving it.  So my latest was "Unspoken" by Sam Hayes who also wrote "Blood Ties".  I will definitely read Blood Ties as Unspoken was great.

376 pages and each chapter written as the thoughts or events in a timeframe of one of the main 3 characters.  Mary Marshall the mother of Julia who for over 30 years has kept a dark secret.  Mary is forced to confront the past and the awful events which set the scene for this story begin.

Julia stumbles across the brutalised body of a student from the school where she is a teacher and the terrible events from her mother's secret past begin to unfold.  

Murray, Julia's soon to be ex husband, a drunk and a lawyer is dragged into the unfolding crisis and as he struggles with his addiction he finds clues to Mary's past which will change this family forever. 

A good read, fairly fast paced and not so graphic to be off putting.  Unfortunately I was able to work out for myself the whose who of the mystery some time before it was disclosed in the novel, always a little disappointing I think.  But nonetheless the story is well written and quite interesting, mysterious and well just a good old read.


I will be a nanny very, very soon, stay tuned and I will let you know...

The countdown begins.....

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  1. oh i can't wait for you to be a nanny.
    and this book sounds lovely.


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