Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Hill of Beans Day 13

Day 13
Who really gives a hill of beans, I like that saying, it amuses me really.  Ha ha!  So, I give a hill of beans, here take them.  Now go soak them for a few hours, add some lentils, some root vegetables, some vegetable or chicken stock  and some hot and spicy fried Chorizo and devour with gusto.  So there you go how easy is that, a wonderful hearty bean soup with chorizo, one of my winter favourites.  Red kidney beans are delicious really. 
A cold has set in and I am annoyed, it means I don't want to be near Elle and pass it on so I won't be seeing her for a few days, I feel like I am about to go through withdrawal symptoms really.
But I don't want you too so here feast your eyes on this.....

Have a great weekend now.


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