Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 12 In My Kitchen and Chai Tea

Day 12

So here we are again, 12 days, wow the time has flown I must say. And today I share one of the very first things I do in the morning, actually, the 2nd, because as soon as I get out of bed I clean my teeth.  I have been told that is strange that I should wait until I have eaten well I don't I hate the taste of all night mouth in my breakfast and especially in my tea.  So as soon as I am up, it's the bathroom for me and then the kettle is on and my wonderful aromatic Chai Tea is brewing.  Now I make this one of two ways, wither in an infuser or a pot.  I love the pot and my Alicia bought me the most gorgeous pot a while back and I adore tea in the morning from that pot.  But sometimes I prop myself up in bed, snuggle in with the knitted blankets and the newspaper and just have my infused tea.  It really has to be Chai to, Earl Grey is fine but seriously nothing is better than a good Chai made on water with milk and honey.  Okay I hear all you purists booing in the background, I know Chai is normally made on milk, but I can't stomach that much milk first up in the morning so for me it's water with milk and honey.  It has to be honey, not sugar the honey a great big dribbly spoonful melted into the hot, hot, hot, steamy cup is so delish.  I never realise there was quite so much in my Chai doesn't it look wonderful really!

What's your morning ritual?


  1. Oh I so know what you mean about brushing your teeth first thing, I will have to try the tea, always been more of a coffee drinking, but the way you describe it, might need to try it. have a fabulous weekend my friend. take care.


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