Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 11 Kitchen

Day 11
Would you ever have thought that there was so much to photograph in the humble kitchen?  Well I hoped there would be and I hope I am not talking too soon since I still have another 19 days to go.  Apple Rock candy, somewhere we scored a bottle of promotional rock candy.  It's fairly common here at the moment for couples to have their names in the candy for their wedding days.  This one has an apple in the centre, it's actually pretty good too.

Pretty hey!   I have no deep insights about the candy, thank heavens, other than brushing teeth straight after is probably a very good idea. Ha Ha!
Oh and the cutest little button around has to star again okay!

Adrian and I bought this giant caterpillar on the weekend and little Elle snuggled right in.  Oh my how sweet seriously. I just burst love for this baby. Honestly.


  1. Ohh! Rock candy! It screams Christmas to me, since we'd always get some in our stocking. It also reminds me of my grandmother, since she would have some in a glass candy dish all year. It would get all stuck together, but we didn't care! great shots. And the baby? Cute as a button!

  2. i remember that kind of hard candy at christmas. great and interesting macro. that little sweetie is adorable

  3. Well,... I actually missed a lot ! She's so cute ! Your very lucky, you know ? ;o)


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