Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Cup of Tea on Day 14

DAY 14
Sunday is here already and can you believe it's almost September, which means Spring here and that means it's only 3 months till summer which also means Christmas.  This year has flown.  So far this year we have, found out we were going to be Grandies again, mourned the anniversary of Lucas's birth and passing, travelled to France for 5 weeks, sold a house, bought a house, celebrated the birth of Princess Elle, become empty nesters again, when Ashleigh and Danielle moved out and farmers, well kind of with our move to the country.  Can you call it the country if it's 10 mins drive to the nearest K Mart?  Oh well it feels like the country, peaceful, treed, and beautiful. So much has happened.  It's been an exciting year in so many ways and suddenly it seems like it's almost over.  Is it age that makes time seem to go quicker or is time just going quicker?  i just don't know.  So today is Sunday as I said and I think it's time to slow down a bit for a few hours at least.  So grab a cuppa, put your feet up, smell the lavender (no roses sorry) and chill.  Then tell me how your year has been, I'm interested really.

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  1. it's so weird for me to hear you say that summer means Christmas, for you ! ;o)))


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