Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 15 oops I'm late

Day 15 and I'm sorry I missed a day, I have been struck down with the flu, well maybe it isn't really the flu but it is an incredibly diabolical cold.  Nauseous, hoarse throat, dizzy, hungry one minute, can't stand to look at food the next, you get the picture.  So I thought it appropriate to post one of my favourite biscuits today.  Snowflake Biscuits....I love them, really a light pastry so crunchy and drenched in icing sugar.  Sticky, delicious, yum.  I am ticked off too because for as long as I am down with these symptoms I can't see Elle, I don't want to pass it on so I sit here feeling sorry for myself, hoping this will go away soon, and wishing I had some Snowflakes left.


  1. oh yum - that looks so delicate and delectable

  2. I hate colds ! Happily, the weather is still hot here so our noses are fine ! ;o)


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