Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 4 Kitchen Project

Day 4 - 30 Days in My Kitchen
And can you guess what these are?  I do like this macro photography, really a lot.  I kind of feel like it makes things that are small and insignificant seem less so.  The colour comes out, the little blemishes and the lines and curves that are immediately noticeable are revealed up close. A bit like us really isn't it.  We all can look and behave pretty well, it's only those that we let get up close and personal that really know us. They get to see the wrinkles and the spots we hide from everyone else.  They see the flaws so well disguised and up close it's hard to hide those imperfections.  Ha ha my photo shrink time.  That'll be $100 bucks thanks.  

Well these peppercorns up close are so much more interesting than they are just all plopped together in the bottle.  So what does that say about us as individuals.  We are all different, different colours, shapes, sizes.  Some wrinkle free, some delightfully wrinkled with a story behind each line and curve.  Oh and some of us well our curves are beautiful.  He he!!  This really is a trip to the couch.  So I like the way they look individually and up close, don't you.


  1. I love it! Especially because I looked and thought,"Ooh. Peppercorns. Cool photo. ... Hey, I got it right!" :) I like the blue surface too.

  2. love the photography...great photo.....

  3. Love your macro perspective! Everything is beautiful up close....

    Congrats on your beautiful granddaughter - she is gorgeous!

  4. Seriously great post! Fun photo and some words to ponder

  5. such a neat perspective and analogy. love it.

  6. Thank you all, it is interesting doing this project and I really hope it helps me see differently and define a little my style.

  7. I really love this one. Thanks for the free couch session too. :) Just what I needed.


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