Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 5 Kitchen Find

Day 5 of my project, hmm what's this you ask.  I am so taken by how up close things take on a different perspective.  Macro I love it.  The paper I used for the background here is actually a soft blue but in the editing it now looks like a roughed up denim, don't you think? 

After looking at this shot and really thinking about if I am happy with the composition, the depth of field, colour etc., I noticed the little white chunk out the front all on his own.  Like he was leading the rest of them somewhere.  There is another larger chunk scrambling over some of the others to catch up to him.  It's larger and the positioning makes it look rather domineering, almost like it's about to leap off the backs of the others and attack the leader.   Just to the right and slightly apart from the others are some darker coloured guys.  They aren't as snowy white as the rest.  So of course my mind races and a story emerges, isn't that what our photos should do to people. Sure they should look nice hung somewhere, or gracing our desktops or screensavers but for me they should create an imagining a story to get immersed in. So tell me does this do that for you, it takes a while I know to discover the story within, in our fast paced lives we just look and run, eat and run, love and run even.  But this project is making me find the story in the photograph.  Give it a go.

Oh by the way Sea Salt for my grinder ha ha!


  1. Great photo - I'm in awe of the things you are finding in the kitchen, what a cool project.

  2. I would have said rock candy.

  3. Oooh--I'm so jealous of your macro lens! I need one. After my 70-200, which I'll have to sell a child for. Le sigh. I'm especially wishing I had one now that my challenge is coming to an end, because I'm really, really running out of oomph, and a macro opens up so many cool possibilities! Keep them coming, Kim! They look great!

  4. beautiful - and i love the background too

  5. This is a cool project you are doing...I think Princess Elle has gotten more beautiful with each passing day. until tomorrow. c

  6. Lynn you are right a macro is wonderful I want a better one than I have too but as you said we need a money tree ha ha! Thanks everyonw I am enjoying this and I'm glad youare too.


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