Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well hello again my friends.  I seem to be very disrupted lately.  Actually I am just really caught up in my huge gardening plans and the fact that I have this very flash new Mac computer and am still learning how to get my photos from my external hard drive to save in PSE8.  Oh the drama of if all.  You see for years I had PSE 5 then bought 7 when I did the photography workshop earlier in the year and now with having a Mac I was forced to purchase another PSE program so got the new 8.  I am learning how to use it and finally today got some pics on the mac so I could edit and fiddle which I love doing so much.  See above that's a stairway in the amazing acres and acres of gardens of the Ephussi De Rothschild chalet overlaid with the walls of a champagne cave in Reims.  Hmmmm interesting?!

So even using the Mac is different, I really like it though and it has a quad drive and terrabyte of memory that's about 400,000 photos I'm told so I should be ok for a little while don't ya think?

So as I said I am digging and weeding like mad at the moment, actually off for a major massage and workover this arvo as my fingers are tingling and my back creaking, not sure what's going on but we'll work it out no doubt.  I have little piles of weeds all over the place.  I was starting with the intention of just working in one area until it was completely weed free.  Problem is I sit somewhere while thinking about what I will plant there, and find myself picking and poking at the clover and dandelions and soon I am surrounded by yet another pile.  My vegie patch is coming along, I have started raking and pulling out the dead thorns and prickles.  That's where my back packs it in on me.  This is a major size patch, I'll photograph it for tomorrow hopefully and you'll see where all my blood sweat and tears is going, so in saying that I am off.  Wish me luck the clouds are rolling in and I really do have much to do out there.


  1. a new mac! exciting - have fun learning about all the new bells and whistles.

    my garden died on me in this extreme heat we're having since i wasn't around enough to water it properly. i'll try again in the fall.

  2. I haven't delved into a real photo editing program yet. Looking forward to learning, though, especially when I see your beautiful photo, here. Lovely indeed.

  3. Char i have had the same happen to me many times good luck next time
    Lynn photo editing is the greatest thing but so time consuming yet so much fun you'll enjoy it so much


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