Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First things first...

So I wanted to show you all that I really have been working my little, well maybe big butt off in the garden.  See the little digging thingy is dirty and my super duper no prickles in my finger rubber coated woven gloves are grubby too.  So see I have been plugging away at the first 2 acres of weeds I intend to rid us of.  The towel is for sitting on and for the dogs to lay on by my side, they love to join me in my efforts.  I am doing about 3 hours a day at the moment and I can see the results as bare patches of earth, where hopefully the grass will now run.

See the mounds of weeds I have plucked from the earth.  Now I just have to bag it all and find some way of getting rid of it.  There are seeds still on the ground I can't get all of them and hopefully I will be able to either pull them as they grow or poison them.  Depends if my back and hands give out I guess.

My tricky hoe thing is handy too, though I do prefer to kneel or sit and just pull.  It takes quite a bit of effort to toss that thing around and I think it's quicker with my magic pokey tool and my hands.  That is the second barrow of grassy weeds from the centre of the driveway.  And I'm still not near finished.

I started gathering up the thorns and prickles we have killed in what will be my monster vegie patch.  Thanks heavens for my rubber coated gloves.  The prickles not only prick you they sting as well ouch!!!

So I have done one corner and there is still a huge area to clean up, but I am enjoying it so much.  A friend said she will buy fresh vegies from me when I get going how exciting.  Who knows maybe I will get some pocket money from this after all.  That would be fun.  The only problem I am having is my back lets me down.  A few minutes shovelling and I am in pain.  Went to the Myotherapy massage centre yesterday wonderful treatment and I will go to a chiropractor as well.  So hopefully pretty soon no more back ache and the garden can progress much quicker.

Today is also the 1 year mark since we lost our beautiful baby grandson Lucas.  Alicia and Paul will be sad today no doubt.  I lay awake this morning waiting for the clock to tick round to 6.15am.  The time he left to be with Jesus.  Now I am wondering, why is the anniversary any different from any other day.  It isn't, it just marks a time frame.  The loss is no greater today than yesterday and tomorrow will be another day without Lucas.  So no more, no more counting days and weeks and months.  My little Lucas is always in my heart and always in my thoughts.  The passing of days makes no difference to the love I feel for this little man we knew for only 7 weeks.  In a few more weeks we will have a new baby to love and care and cuddle and dream for.  Not a replacement at all but the baby we have longed so much to hold in our arms.  So I will keep weeding and tilling and bringing the earth to life and our new baby grandchild will be born and we will rejoice and cry and little Lucas will be with us then, now and always.


  1. Much love to you today and always. Don't overdo in your gardens. I suffer from back trouble too. I can not wait until your hard work is all done and you are selling your vegetables. hugs.

  2. thanks girls I appreciate your thoughts


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