Friday, April 16, 2010

Join Me

These little fellas sit under a tree in one of the gardens here.  See no evil was broken quite some time back and I cannot get another one to match.  So instead I will concentrate on speaking no evil and hearing no evil.  It's a choice we make really don't you think?

Missy you've met before, she is sweet and a little neurotic, the fault of Danielle, who has pampered her and treated her like a human.  On the other hand Boston who would not let me get a good shot of his face yesterday and literally turned his butt in my direction is just like Ashleigh, his owner.  She is quite independent, has a couple of tattoos, I am sure Boston would get some too if he could, Ashleigh no getting any ideas here ok!!  It is strange isn't it how much like their owners animals are.  Danielle is not neurotic mind you, but she is a lot more cautious than Ashleigh is.  She has one tattoo on her foot, which she regretted getting the day after she did.  Ashleigh on the other hand has two.  One on her butt cheek near her hip, a southern cross, which is a star formation here in Australia, to remind her how to find her way home.  And a swallow and italian words on her foot.  What to do when your children grow up and make their own decisions.  Some you agree with and some you don't.  Shrug I have no clue sometimes.  I choose to love them regardless and how could I not they are wonderful.  Just like Missy and Boston, who make me smile so often and make my heart overflow everyday, just like my family.

We brought little angel boy with us from the other house, we had to I love him.  He actually looks so much more content in his new surrounds.  He is nestled in between a couple of trees in the front yard.  He watches us come and go and enjoys the sun and breeze he is truly adorable.

Paperbark trees are wonderful, the bark is used for making bark paintings.  The artists use layers and layers of different coloured bark to create images.  Often Australian scenes, houses, landscapes quite amazing.  We have several paperbarks in the yard, the leaves are thin and long and similar to a weeping willow in appearance.

See the incredible bark, it is soft to touch almost silky in feel and so many colours in every layer.

Bottle brush trees, native to Australia, we do have some weird and wonderful things here.  The yellow brush will become the brown pod on the right.  Equally beautiful in its own way don't you think?  This bush sits at our entry near the fish pond.

Gum nuts, the remainder of the gum tree flowers after the bloom has gone.  like little pottery jars aren't they?  There are so many of these on the trees along the border of the land, I cannot wait until the spring flowering to show you.

So another little tour is over, you'll be true blue Aussies before I am finished with you.  Only 15 days to go till France.  I had a wonderful email from Helene whom we are meeting in Cannes on the 29th May.  I met her blogging, isn't this world fantastic and she has offered to show us around Cannes for the weekend we are there.  How marvellous, is that!!?  The best part of travelling is meeting the people who live there.  Seeing their favourite spots, how generous and kind is she to take the time to meet us.  That is why I say you are welcome, to visit us.  Truly truly welcome.  With open arms I wait to greet you.

And Gretchen, my travel buddy from our Europe tour last year is taking the first tour with us as well.  She lives in Ohio and we have stayed in contact since we left the tour early last year.  She has inspired me as I have gotten to know her and I cannot wait to see her again.  So yes I am excited, to show you round my corner of the world, through this little blog and to meet you in your corner too.


  1. Loving these! Garden statuary is so sweet, the dogs are adorable, and those trees and plants! I want to come visit and touch and smell them all. Hugs! L

  2. No tattoos on my boys' skin but I am just like you ... I think I'll let them take their own decisions ... even if it breaks my heart !!!! ;o))))))
    Have a very nice an busy fortnight before leaving to Europe ... We're waiting for you !


  3. Thanks for the garden tour..
    I am excited for you to be in Cannes..It's beautiful..and we know Hélène♥ is also.OH how terribly exciting!!!
    I hope you will share photos..

  4. Lynn if ever you are down under you must let me know, drop on in for a while.
    Helene thanks so much waiting for you too!
    Monique i will defintely be posting photos hope to get some good ones.

  5. So I am now a follower, not to be confused with a stalker :) and am finally posting a comment.
    When is spring for you again? I think you told me once before but I have forgotten.
    Can't wait to see you!

  6. Gretchen !!!!!! seriously I cannot wait for you to get off that plane and see you yeebah!!!!!! Darn this silly volcano it better stop NOW!!!!


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