Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday mornings

Beautiful roses in a vase in my lounge
pancakes and bacon drizzled with maple syrup
made for me by my one love
pruning and clearing
wandering through the grounds
washing machine spinning
girls playing Wii tennis

chocolate cake with peanut butter icing
watching the news hoping the planes will be ok to leave soon
reading emails, smiling

butterflies hovering over purple blooms
clouds scudding across the blue sky
the air cool
the day waiting

what are you doing today?


  1. the last shot...oooooh. is that a pansy?

    enjoying a quiet Saturday here. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. one love.

  2. no not a pansy i will try and find the name of the plant for you more a grass or orchid type of plant, long leaves and grows near our our fish pond, i'll let you know. xx


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