Thursday, April 15, 2010

Afternoon Stroll

Took a stroll through the garden yesterday afternoon and I want you to come with me, come on the afternoon was cool, the breeze lovely and soft and the leaves rustling sounded like waves lapping softly on the shore. 

Do you remember Raina, she came with me, nothing better than sharing good times with the girls is there.

Raina loves my pups too.  I bought these for my dad who had a beagle, years ago.  When he passed away back I 2004 I took the little guys home, sweet aren't they.

I think she might be a bit of a beach babe.

After a while she needed a rest and headed for my favourite little spot on the back verandah.  In the mornings the sun warms, and in the evening the breeze wafts in and cools us down.  Just wonderful.

This is the beginning of our vegetable garden.  At this point all we have done is spray to kill the weeds.  Because the horses had been using it before we came it was full of prickles, huge thorny ones.  We will let it all die properly, then dig it over and prepare the soil.  I doubt we will get too much planted before we leave for France so stay tuned in June for the continuing project.

How about this guy, he is a whopper, and I have no idea why I am not running like crazy in the other direction.  I hate spiders and cockroaches.  But he is pretty high in a tree and he is amazing eeww!!

Have a wonderful day everyone.  The weekend is looming.


  1. Cute cute.. Your new place is wonderful..and your photos just keep getting lovelier and lovelier..Good for you..So much to be grateful for:)

  2. I always love your photos, and the doll keeps growing on me. our weather is supposed to be nice on the weekend. i can hardly wait. have a great weekend. take care.

  3. Monique thank you i do have a lot to be greatful for that is true.
    Cinner i hope you have a fantastic weekend, great weather and a chance to take a stroll and breathe in the spring air. The doll takes a little bit of getting used to hey ha ha!!


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