Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'll show you what I found

Come on down everyone, let me give you a little look at what I find out walking.  This is the road to our home.  I love the long grasses, the new winter breezes ruffling them.  So gorgeous in the afternoon sun particularly.

Beautiful pink grass seeds, silver, shiny and just so pretty.

What a beauty, hey, I have no idea what this plant is, I will try and find out at the nursery.  It was just along the road side, when we walked, see how happy I am so much beauty just sprinkled along the way.

Lantana, yes it's pretty, but it's also a weed here.  It came out from the UK when all our relatives arrived 200 or so years ago, the intention was that it would make lovely hedgerows, just like it does in Britain.  Unfortunately the weather here was rather to it's liking and now it is literally everywhere.  Lots of different colours around too.  It is quite scratchy and not easy to get rid of once it takes hold and it has.  There are hillsides covered in it everywhere.

Berries everywhere, also from the Lantana.

Cobblers Pegs, well that's what we call them here.  They stick to everything, socks, trousers, shirts and little white dogs.  Actually the seeds of a plant, I'll have to check which one.  Spiky and a little sharp.

Prickly balls, also the seed of something, we have a lot of wild weedy things that grow in Australia.  Sorry I'm not much on the names of them.  I will try and find out, but it's more the pretty seeds, flowers, leaves etc., that intrigue me.

Lichen, I love lichen, moss, grasses, mushrooms.  Oh they take wonderful photos.  I can hear a Kookaburra laughing at me right now, seriously I can.  Also found a very big brown snake skin in the pool area.  Under a little wooden platform that covers the wiring for the pool light.  The girls lifted it and found the remains of the last coat it wore.  Tattered and left behind, eeww this I do not like about living in the country.  We have some really deadly snakes in Australia.  This was a brown snake, very poisonous and very big.  We have red bellied blacks to they are worse.  I hope I never come across one, well a live one anyway.

Heading off to the hospital soon, Alicia is having her infusions for the baby now.  She is about 20 weeks nearly 21 and the treatment has been going fairly well.  She was quite unwell when it first began, but this is the only way she and Paul can have more children without NH.  So I will go and sit with her while the immunogobulin is administered.  It's a nice chance to chat and just be together.  Oh and yes it's only 23 days till we jet off to France, who said I am excited. 


  1. this was so lovely...

    and thinking all good thoughts for the baby...


  2. I love how life has taken such a wonderful happy fresh turn for you.
    I don't even know you..yet I am so happy for you..

    How nice is that walk to your new home also?:)

  3. What beautiful photos, I would love to take a walk down the lane. My prayers for all to go well with Alicia and Paul, I was wondering about them. It is nice you will be there for her. I have to admit I don't think I would do well with the snakes down there. I am sure of that. Take care, all the best.

  4. I love the light in the first 2 images.
    I am sure Alica enjoys you being there for her treatment. I can't image it to be too nice so having a wonderful mum to chat to and be there would make it so much easier to get through and stay positive.

  5. Thank you for joining me on my move eveyone. And thanks for thinking of and praying for Alicia and the baby. You all encourage me so much.


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