Friday, April 9, 2010

Green Acres it's the place to be, farm living that's the life for me.

Who doesn't remember that old television favourite Green Acres?  Well I do, I can even sing most of the theme song, and let me tell you, you are one happy person you can't actually hear me belting out my rendition of that number, believe me!!!!

I loved Za Za Gabor in that show, such a city girl, in love with her hubby who suddenly decides in his mid life crisis he wants to go become a farmer.  Ummm sounds awfully familiar to me right now.  But she was a glamourous farmers wife and that rings my bell too.  So here are my gorgeous rubber boots, wellingtons, gum boots, I don't know what you call them out your way.

See who says you can't be all country and be a fashionista as well.  Hey these are cool you have to admit.

Mine are the pretty mauve matrushka doll version, Danielle's the purple paisley, elephant ones and Ashleigh's have the owls.  How cute!!!!!

So these boots are made for walkin and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gunna walk all over you!!!!  Oh sorry wrong song, I just got a little carried away there.  He He !!!!

Farm girls unite, throw away those boring ugly old black gummies and hit the stores and go mod and mad with a pair of these beauties.  Who says we have to be plain and practical, hey I'm all for sexy and fun, what about you?  Sexy who am I kidding, Adrian all but laughs out loud when I come prancing up the drive in these.  But hey anything to put a smile on his face. 

Here is Danielle's little Missy, looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth hey, well don't be deceived, she's the one that gutted the bunny yesterday, looks can be deceiving hey.  But oh she looks so sweet.

Then I found this little guy, and the bud he had destroyed, ahhh nature you gotta love it.

Naughty little fella.  It's still beautiful in it's own way though don't you think.  Perfection doesn't make something more beautiful than an imperfect version. 


  1. love all the cute boots...and i love little missy..even if she did shred the bunny.....
    :- )


  2. You suit this place:)
    I almost ordered my 4th pair of rain boots last night:) But refrained..

    It rains A LOT here..but I don't need a Chintz pair:)
    P.S. I remember Green Acres like yesterday.
    I have been married but once..I have friends..just about thrice...and more..or less:)

  3. I remember Green Acres, I think all you need to go with the boots is a feather boa...just a thought...isn't that what she used to always have.
    Me memory is failing. lol.

  4. I be loving to get me some of those boots! ;o) They're fabulous--and so much better than my yucky green ones.

  5. I was just having a conversation about Green Acres, and how Zsa Zsa had to leave, well, was forced to leave Park Avenue for the farm life! How funny was all of that!

    Love your boots, makes me want rain and mud!


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