Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar and other Beasties

Oh I was just about to tell you the very sad story of the hungry, hungry caterpillar that got eaten by a bird, but happily after a quick scour of the rose bush, I have found him.  Yesterday I spent ages seeking him out and I came to the conclusion he had gone to a higher, better place all be it in the belly of a bird.  He reminds me of the story picture book I used to read to my girls a long time ag.  The Hungry hungry caterpillar.  On the first day he ate through one plum, then 2 apples, 3 strawberries, on and on until he turns into a beautiul butterfly.  Probably the wrong fruit there it has been a while since I read this, but you get the picture hey!?  So my caterpillar is eating through every sweet smelling rosebud on my rose bush.  But I can't give him the flick, I just can't.  I absolutely love butterflies and I so want him to eat and eat until he is fat bellied and gorgeous and turns into a crysallis, cocoon, whatever and then into a beautiful butterfly.  I have never seen a caterpillar go through that transformation and I am so hoping he will do it at my front door. So in hopeful anticipation of that I am letting him gorge himself on my roses.  He better not let me down. 

A beautiful day yesterday had the girls and I leaf cleaning the pool and to our horror we scooped up a centipede.  A really big centipede, I am so glad we weren't splashing around when we spotted him.

And we made over the pond at the entry, well my lovely husband did, he took the lady with the urn and set her up in the pond, she looks lovely don't you think?

So have a wonderful Sunday, peaceful, or fun enjoying the Spring weather.  Here's a rose for you.

Wow I have just been given an award th Sunshine Award, how exciting.  Thank you to Mary Ann from Starlight what a delight to think someone enjoys my ramblings enough to award me.  I appreciate your kindness Mary Anne

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  1. You are so very welcome!

    The lady with the urn looks great! I'm a fan of caterpillars too. The fuzzy ones especially!


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