Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Connected Yeah!!!!!!

Ok I admit it, I am officially an internet junkie.  I have been without my connection due to the move since last Thursday and honestly by Saturday I had to do a commando raid on MacDonalds restaurant, just to use the free WiFi connection. I didn't realise just how much of my life is handled on the net.  Banking, connecting with friends with emails, blogs etc.  Paying bills, checking on times, money rates, etc etc etc.  So I admit it nerd I am.  Anyway the net was connected this morning about an hour ago and I am so excited.  Well now I can get back in the swing of things right,  So first up just a few quick pics I got on Sunday when our African friends came for lunch.

Firstly this is little Gloria, she is nearly 5 I think and finally she has gotten into the swing of things when having her photo taken.  She used to pout, sulk and generally just look really ticked off every time I took her picture.  She started Prep this year and she is soooooo much better now and clever boy oh boy she is talking like a beauty, chatter, chatter.  I love it, her English is great.  Then this absolute stunner is Caven, she is about 16, 17 in Year 11 at school so this year and next to go until she is finished.  She is actually Gloria's father's sister.  Isn't she just gorgeous, oh for skin like that, boy oh boy.

Some of the 11 children who came to swim.  Yes I said 11 I was dashing round like a chook with it's head cut off.  This is the calm before the storm, just testing the water.  It was pretty cold but did that stop them, no way.  All of them stripped down to their swimmers and jumped in.  Now I had asked if they could swim, and I knew for sure at least 5 couldn't.  The rest assured me they could.  Note to self, never believe children when they tell you they can swim, they probably can't.  So we had floating lessons, just in case they got in over their heads, yeah well, second not to self.  Young children, at least these young ones, float like stones.  It was chaos, and so much fun.  Adrian took the adults for a wander round the property and of course they loved it.  They started talking about what crops they could plant and Taban, our original friend, reckons he can build a house on our hill.  He would too.  We had a wonderful BBQ and we were reminded again of the strength of the human spirit.  The love we can have for each other, no matter colour, race, language or culture differences.  It was a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Now this little treasure is Danielle's dog Missy.  She is our female, Boston our male, Maltese Terrier.  Danielle had bathed her and was playing with her bunny, when all of a sudden, the stuffing came out.

OOOOps  I am so busted, I didn't do it really I didn't, it just fell out I swear it did.

Must fly now, hope you all had a wonderful Easter and I have more lovely photos of our surrounds to share with you soon.


  1. An internet junkie, I can see how easy that is to happen. I was at my Mom with no access, I was like this manic woman and really felt out of touch. Your Sunday looks wonderful, just being able to share your joy with others. Wow, and that second picture, she is a stunner. Hugs to you, can not wait to see the rest of your for the rabbit, the stuffies do not last long here either. Take care.

  2. Great happy pics..I agree the girls are beautiful..

    And the bunny?:) Too funny especially w/ doggies expressions..

    Looks like the move was a great thing!

  3. loved all of it...the children are so beautiful...
    and that little doggy..well, you know i loved that :-)

    happy to see you today, my friend


  4. thanks girls, Cinner I am coming over for a look today, so have to catch up on what's happening hope you're doing well. Kary, hope your new little pup is cheering you up

  5. What a cute dog!! Don't know how she got all that stuffing out with no teeth though!

  6. Caven is absoultely beautiful! Stunning...


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