Monday, March 15, 2010

What was I thinking?????

I don't know how I forgot what was involved with moving, after all this will be our 13th move if my calculatons are right.  I should know it by heart by now, but I forgot, I thought it would be easy.

It looks innocent enough doesn't it, a few boxes a tape roller, simple, build them, pack them, seal them, uhmm!!  Trouble is I decided I would start in my scrapbooking room.  Big Mistake, Big....I never realised how much stuff I have accumulated over the last few years.  Well those online scrapping sales are huge money savers you know!!  Um and I must have saved a packet, cause I sure have spent a packet if my stockpile tells the truth.


This is a teeny weeny little bit of it.  I have three boxes filled already and that's just the beginning.  Oh Dear what have I done???
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So I thought I should show you a few of my pages while I am on the subject.

Alicia and Paul on holidays with us at Coffs Harbour.  Funny story behind the shirts.

Alicia as a baby - she was born with that head of hair.

This is one of my favourite photos ever.  Ashleigh and I wearing crazy glasses and laughing our heads off.

Ashleigh, Danielle and I heading off for a day shopping.

New York Subway, the girls spent lots of time there, lost.

So now that you've seen a tiny bit of my scrapping obsession, can you understand how I got so carried away.  Oh Dear what will I do?

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  1. I wondered how you were out and about with this move so close..

    It took us 6 weekends last time!The last one for the bog furniture..

    Your Scrapping is so cute..My friend gave me that exact stationary..the black velvet flocked monogrammed one:) Mine has an M:)


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