Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Augustine's on George

Seated near the window we had a lovely view of the passers by on the street.  Many of them heading off to the first football game of the season and excited.  The old building built in 1889 for government employees, then used to house a judge I think, had been a B & B at one time and now a most lovely restaurant.  The night was slow for the chef.  Only us and 2 other tables.  Why I cannot imagine as the food was excellent and the service perfect.  We indulged once again and certainly we would return to feast again at Augustine's.

Entree's were the following-
Prawns Sautéed in Cafe de Paris Butter with Angel Hair Pasta & Champagne Crème Sauce for Adrian.
Soufflé Gruyere & Truffle with Baby Salad & Toasted Hazelnuts for me.
I hate to admit that I was so taken with the beautiful light Souffle that I forgot to photograph it,  oops what a stomach am I.

Scallops seared w Cauliflower Puree, Gnocchi, brown butter, capers & parsley, Pancetta, filled me perfectly for my main and Adrian loved his Barramundi Fillet with Citrus & Herb Crust, King Prawns, with Beuree Blanc.

The night was finished with Adrian's desert of choice chocolate in whatever way he can get it, he was impressed let me say and I stole a little bite and it was delightful.
Ménage à trios des chocolats ‘Trio of Chocolates’
My desert was light and sweet and truly delicious,
‘Maison’ Crème Caramel with Meander Valley Double Cream.

What a lovely dinner we had and what a lovely night.  I'm always happy when we can go out together, not run out of conversation, try new tastes and enjoy ourselves.  Next weekend we will have been married for 28 years and I still love Adrian, actually more every day and am growing with him everyday.

We tried a French sparkling wine and we adored it, actually and I am not a wine buff at all, I just like what I like, and it had a subtle banana scent to it.  Now I'm sure anyone who knows their wines is groaning at my ignorance so I am sorry.  But honestly as I smelt it before sipping I swear it had this soft banana smell, it was delicious.  They served the wine in this really cool wine glass holder, I so want one now, I will be scouring everywhere I go to see if I can find one.  So gorgeous.

See what I mean how cool, is this.  We didn't have Moet I must say, we were bought some Moet when we travelled to the UK in December last year and to be perfectly honest I wasn't a terrible fan.  It was nice I guess, a little dry for me but it was lovely that we were shouted this drink by customers of our girls in the hotel where they worked.
At the end of the night I had a Mexican Coffee, actually a coffee with Kahlua in it and it came with this really neat little sugar stick.  Wish I knew how to make them it was so cool and different.

So back to the packing now, well dinner first then the boxes.  Hope you are all well and living life the best you can.


  1. You sure know how to live.. a little break from the boxes..! Thanks for sharing~

  2. I've only drank Moet once and I really didn't think that it was worth the money.
    Dinner looks great what a nice break to take in between all your packing.

    (It looks like you were experimenting with your camera's white balance over dinner? good to see)

  3. Monique, it looks that way doesn't it actually we do enjoy a great meal.
    Liss, I am actually quite disappointed with the pics of the food particularly, I had my point and shoot and didn't really think too much about adjusting anything till much later oh well. Yeah I'm with you when we got shouted the Moet I thought glad I didn't pay for it, though I was glad tohave tried it.

  4. OOOOu la la!

    I have not seen this sort of wine "server" for just two, but I hope you find one. I have seen them in sets of 4-6 and they are lovely. I am starving after reading your post!


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