Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Merchants of Bollywood

Months back Adrian suggested we go see The Merchants of Bollywood in Brisbane at the Lyric Theatre.  So Saturday night you would have found us strolling over the Brisbane River to Southbank in Brisbane to check out this show.  We didn't really know what it was going to be about, we just knew that it was a typically Bollywood Indian production.  We love all that glitter and glam and that wild dancing, they always seem to have so much fun.  Ashleigh and Danielle came with us and we weren't disappointed.  Unfortunately not allowed to take photos in the theatre, not that that stopped Ashleigh but I don't have any to show you sorry!!  But the view from our apartment right on the river was fantastic.  I took a few shots and then played with some of the settings on my DSLR check them out...

Brisbane River and Goodwill walking bridge on the left at Sunset

The Brisbane River and North Quay and the Brisbane Eye at Southbank

The same stretch of road in Brisbane with the Bulb setting on my camera love the trails of light

The Brisbane Eye and Southbank on the Bulb setting

The Brisbane Eye is a little plainer here

Of course we walked we always walk and walk and walk.  And for some reason I often don't have the right shoes with me as was the case this weekend. Friday night Adrian and I were on our own.  We went to a brilliant restaurant called Augustine's on George, oh my was it brilliant.  But we walked there and back and through the botanical gardens and through the Queens Street Mall and back home again.  Ouch my feet were blistered.  Of course I hadn't put on walking shoes had I.  No I had on my cute little orange suede Diana Ferrari pumps, sweet as but defintely not for walking miles and miles.  So Saturday morning after hobbling over to the markets Adrian is scouring the place looking for some sort of backless shoes for me to wear.  I ended up with a pretty pair of leather thong things, flip flops for non Australians.  They have pretty gold and brown jewels on the straps, cause I really ain't a thong person.  But I must say by the time I got these I was ready to go barefoot.  Huge blisters on my heels so sore....!!!!!

I'll stop whineing now and just say that the Brisbane river is lovely, can you imagine living on it, in one of these house boats, come sail boats.  Nah I can't not enough room for me I'm afraid, I must be a land lubber.  I love fishing, love the water and the fantasy of sailing off into the sunset is wonderful, but I know it's a fantasy, I like my two feet on solid ground and at least 3 bedrooms and a couple of living rooms. 

To finish how about this wonderful mushroom, found under the enormous Moreton Bay Figs in the gardens. Several of them actually in various stages of living and dying.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  See you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the can get used to flip flops! I love them.

  2. Kim, take it from someone older who no longer has "cute" shoes in their closet... it is not worth it. Comfort rocks! :-)

  3. Cool's so lovely to go on these trips with you. love the trails of lights.

    hope you are having a good weekend.

    one love.

  4. flip flops I love that name for thongs, I guess I will have to try and get used to them. Thanks Monique.
    Yes Sharon comfort rocks, but please I just love a little glamour too. Please!!!!
    Hi Se'Lah who knows one day we might go for a walk together for real.

  5. i was looking for a pic of the blisters!! hope you are recovering well enough to keep on with the packing. xo


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