Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make Your Own Tonight

Last night was Pizza night, make your own pizza night.  I made the base earlier in the day and laid out the toppings and everyone went for it.  It was so much fun.  Actually would be a pretty good way to have a very casual pool party or early evening dinner party.

Toppings were, olives, tomato, boccocini, basil, corriander, proscuitto, onion, cheese, passata, chorizio, ham, bacon all fresh and yummy.

Adrian is such a boy and of course his was loaded with meat and no basil or corriander, he's funny.  It was fun and I think everyone enjoyed just being able to create their own little mouth watering feast.  I'm trying to show the girls how easy it is to eat well, relatively cheaply and enjoy it.  With them moving on soon I am thinking to myself have I equipped them properly.  I hope so.

We had a little wine with the meal, no we didn't drink all of this don't worry no headaches today at all.  Do you have a family meal you all join in to do together, it's so much fun.  Nothing better I think than sharing the kitchen with family and friends.  I know all the African ladies I know love cooking together, they sit round the table peeling. grating, chopping, mixing and most of all talking and laughing.  Is there anything better?


  1. We do home made pizza nights too. They are just so easy and fun. The kids get to roll the dough and put their toppings on and taste what they created.

    When my daughter turned 5 she had a princess pizza party and all the kids got to make their own pizza's.

    Congratulation on your house sale.

  2. Oh my, I had to check in today and see delicious food that made me want pizza for breakfast!!!


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