Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moving On

Moving On, yes we are in several ways at the moment.  We signed a contract on the sale of our home on Monday evening, all going well and it should then we settle it on 22nd April.  We leave a week later for France, timing.....

Our purchase of our new place settles on the 25th March, we plan to do a little painting before we move the furniture over and book the removalist for the Thursday before Good Friday.  It's all happening. 

Then we get the astounding news this week that Ashleigh and Danielle want to move out.  I was expecting it sooner or later, just not right now.  They are quite independant in some ways.  Not the let us cook, clean and tidy for you ways, ha ha, what teenagers are?!  But in the we don't want a curfew or too many rules to abide by way.  Nah actually they are great, but I know they read this and want to tease them a bit so there you go girls, got ya!!!  Really this has been mooted for quites some time now, we have a rental property that the girls have talked about moving into for a while.  I can understand and actually remember, yep even that far back the excitement of planning to move out for the first time.  Mind you I was 15 when I left home, well Mum's place after the divorce, and moved to the coast to share with a couple of lifesavers I knew.  Yep I was a wild child of the 80's, some things shall remain a memory not devulged ok!!  So it is to be expected that after their year travelling the world my very independent daughters would want their freedom again.  I am actually really glad to have had them at home since they came back in May last year.  I think they have been real sanity savers for me as we all walked through the loss of Lucas.  Ashleigh and Danielle are funny, really funny.  They totally crack Adrian and I up sometimes.  They can be annoying also, children that's their job isn't it?  They are good company, and we have lots in common, our sense of humour, love of food, cooking, wine, movies, theatre etc.  They love to try anything.  Climb a mountain sleep on the top, camp at the local empty dam, go to the Roma races, come to The Merchants of Bollywood with us, all sorts of things.  They will give anything a go.  So they are entertaining to say the least.  So life is changing for us yet again.  Moving in and moving out, living alone just the two of us again, becoming grandparents again, travelling to France in May, somehow I think 2010 will be an interesting year.

Sunrise at Main Beach Queensland


  1. It will be a good year.:)

    Like Peter Mayle says.
    I remember the year our daughters moved out on their own.I thought I would be so sad every day.
    And you are sometimes..But then you see them grow..and their experiences..and you are happy for them..And then you color your world around the couple:) It's so nice too..It is!

    And then the kids have kids..:) As you know.. and it's full circle.. Full of love..
    You are in for a lovely year.. watch..

    Happiness to your girls:)

  2. Thanks Monique, I am kind of sad and quite excited, Adrian and I love to cook together, talk and hang out and the dynamics changes when the girls are with us. Still good of course but different, so i am looking forward to this year and all its changes


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