Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to celebrate

Precious Lucas my beautiful little man forever

2009 was not the best year for us.  It started out great, my eldest daughter was having a baby in June and we were all so excited.  We would be grandparents for the first time, Alicia and Paul, parents for the first time and Ashleigh & Danielle, aunties for the 1st time.  We knew we would be overseas when Lucas was born, but we would be back a couple of days after so wouldn't miss too much, I was a bit disappointed but there wasn't a lot I could do, the trip had been planned so long before.  Things did not go as planned though and if you read my other blog Through the Valley of Life you will read all off what transpired and why for the most part 2009 was a disaster.  But the good news and I have been longing to share it with you, but have been sworn to secrecy until now, is that my gorgeous girl is having a baby again.  Yes in August this year we will be grandparents again.  My eyes well up, my throat is tight, my heart is aching but I am happy too.  It is a long road our Alicia is walking now, there are weekly infusions of a blood product to prevent the next baby from being born with the liver disease that took our beautiful Lucas.  Alicia started her first treatment on Wednesday and it went better than expected, but she was quite unwell the following day.  She will have these treatments until the baby is born so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Both her and Paul are happy, but also they must be feeling a little overwhelmed, a little frightened, we, none of us could go through losing another little one.  My heart breaks for those parents who have lost children, babies or toddlers any age it is just so out of order.  It is the most unbearable grief, but now we have hope, we have something so wonderful to look forward to.  We got the news that they were pregnant on Christmas morning no better gift did we recieve that day, a special day a day of wonderful gifts given to us by God.  I wanted to share with you all, my joy and my sadness, but most of all my hope that 2010 will bring more love than we have ever known.  I want to share that with you too.


  1. I was waiting for this announcement and I promise you..that you are in my prayers.:)

    I am excited for you:)

    God Bless Alicia and Paul and the baby..and all of you.

  2. prayers sent up.

    sending lots of positive vibes your way, for you and yours. oh JAH, please bless this family.

    one love.

  3. Kim this is such wonderful news for you. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Best wishes to you all. I have been following you shortly after this had happened, and as a stranger how sad I felt for you all. I remember the beautiful picture of Alicia and Paul that struck me as so beautiful. I pray for great joy and happiness for all of you. All the best.

  4. May the LORD Himself bring this little life along to bless all of you. You know I will be praying and walking with you.

  5. I found you through Se'lah. My heart aches for your family that you lost a child. Many prayers, blessing, and well wishes to your family this year.

    Congrats on getting ready to welcome a new little one!

  6. WOw thi is the best news I've heard for along time....Give my best to Alica and Paul,you've done well keeping it to yourself this long....
    Alanah is loving Canada, I don't think she will be comming home any time soon...

  7. Oh this is wonderful news, I am cry tears of joy, sadness and hope for Alicia & Paul. My thought and prayers with be with your family all the way.

  8. sending prayers and loving thoughts to you....


  9. Thank you everyone thank you for your support and kind thoughts and prayers we really are looking forward to being grandparents again.

  10. beautiful prayers of love sent up for you and your family.


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