Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just have to share it with you

I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of days blissfully cruising through blogland and I am so often reading about bloggers who are wanting to learn to use their PSE or Photoshop programmes.  I love what we can do using PSE and if you haven't bought a program already and are considering doing so then,  from my absolutely amateur point of view PSE 7 or the new PSE 8, which are so much cheaper than Photoshop will do absolutely as well.  When I did my Photography Summer School fortnight back in January, we were taught how to use Photoshop, but many of us didn't have it, as it is approx $1200 here.  We mostly had PSE 5 upwards and we could all go home and do just about everything on that, that we had learnt to do in Photoshop.  So if you are thinking of buying a program then this is a cheaper option.  The joy then comes in learning how to get the most out of it.  How to layer, eek I hear you say, and to add texture, make a storyboard, do some framing, add brushes, yep it all sounds terribly complicated.  But I want to share the most fantastic blog with you, you will be inspired, excited and able to create some truly incredible works of art.  Rita at Coffee Shop has the most incredilbe array of FREE goodies for you to play with in Photoshop and PSE.  Rush on over and play and spread the word for Rita as I believe she is a SAHM who makes a little living from her blog.  She is so generous and so talented........ enjoy.

I haven't actually used any of her textures or actions on my pics here but I will be using them often.

It's incredible isn't it how we can change the feel and mood of a photograph, simply by making it black & white, or sepia, adding some texture or enhancing the colours, welcome to the world of Photoshop Editing.


  1. i love it when i have time to fiddle around. it's fun

  2. Thanks Kim, I just have corel photobook. Thanks for the heads up for the new blog. always up for learning new things. take care and thanks aagain.


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