Monday, February 22, 2010

Sun, Sand, Surf and Stingers....

Adrian and I headed off to the Gold Coast this past weekend.  I used to live there a millenium ago when I was a teen, thin, sexy, blonde and a surfie chick.  Oh my was I ever really all those things, um sexy...nah, the rest oh yeah you better believe it.  BC  I say before children, no stretch marks in sight and a heck of a lot more will power accounted for a really hot, yeah I said hot, a really hot body.  Hey I was 16 ok, who knows what I really looked like, but believe me I thought I could rule the world, oh for the good ole' days.

Now well, the sun is sooooo hot these days, how did that happen, and the sand gets on my bum and yuk, that is just gross and all those frisky, skinny, well anorexic really, they are aren't they, or voluptuous not fat, that's just me they are voluptuous, beauties, it's all just too much.  So I walk on the beach in shorts and sunscreen and I would wear a hat if I had a hat head, which I don't so I almost get sunstroke.  And I take photos of everything and everyone who lets me, or I sneak them in, and the good old days of laying in the sun from early in the morn till way late in the day are soooooo over.  I love the beach I do just in a different way now.  Anyway there were bluebottles everywhere this weekend, I stamp on them love the pop they make.  This one is huge, the length of the tail eeww!! Ouch.

And all these tiny ones, honestly there was no way you would have gotten me in the water.  Our friends swam though and no one got stung so go figure.

I took my usual reflection photographs, I love them and once again I have the pictures I adore most in the world of my beautiful girls, even though Alicia wasn't with us this weekend and their Dad on the beach together.  Skimming stones, talking, walking I love it so much.
We met up with our friends from Darwin.  We only met them in December 2008 when we flew to England to see our kids.  We ate Christmas dinner together at the hotel where the children worked and then spent a little time together in England.  But since then we have seen them once, emailed, facebooked and talked on the phone and now this weekend we spent the day and evening together.  They are wonderful people and we really enjoy their company.  So Carmel and Merv, thanks for the great weekend.

It was a great weekend, beautiful sunrise and great to have this short time away before we begin the huge task of moving, selling etc., oh what fun.  Good times.


  1. Oh it sounds like a wonderful time. What are those blue things that you pop on the beach. glad you got to spend time with that couple you had met. good friends are wonderful to have. all the best. take care.

  2. Hi Cinner,
    The blue things are the ones in the pictures with the long tails they are called blue bottles and the tail stings when it touches you in the surf. They get washed up on the sand and die they dry out in the sun and if you step on them they pop.

  3. So jealous that you can just head off to the Gold Coast. I am so very landlocked here, that your words make me smile - and long. So glad you had such a great time.

  4. lovely photos...i am so tired of winter, so thanks for sharing these


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