Monday, February 1, 2010

Dorothy sets sail

It was a long trip from Tildsbury, England to Sydney Harbour, and it took a while to get my sealegs I must say.  Brenda, my mum enjoyed the trip and her parents, George and Claire, well they were just glad to be heading somewhere warm I think.  Yes they were 10 pound Poms, well that was the nickname they were all given back then.  Assisted immigrants really, with a price tag of 10 pounds per adult, children free.  What a way to swell a population hey!  Oh by the way I'm Dorothy, forgive me where are my manners.  George had been in the land army during the big war, he manned the big guns protecting the UK from the edge of the English Channel.  Those Germans were persistent and George and Claire had to move around quite a bit.  They went wherever he was sent and they took Brenda with them.  Claire refused to send Brenda off to the country, as was the done thing then.  No way she said, she stays with us, so my mum got used to sleeping in the Underground tunnels at night.  She got used to walking home in the morning too and seeing many of the houses that were standing the night before, now just rubble.  14 schools she went to, and what a tomboy she was.  She could hide a rock in a snowball and her aim was marvellous, those boys would run like wild rabbits to get away from her when she was armed.  Anyway the war ended and when I was about 7 and Brenda about 14 we packed up and headed on over to Australia.  Like I said a long trip, but when we arrived how exciting it was to see people swimming in the ocean in the rock pools in Sydney Harbour.  I was most pleased to be done with those harsh English winters and snow covered streets and fields.  I remember Corby in Northants where we left from, fondly actually, Mum had lots of fun there.  Riding her bike through the lanes and exploring the grounds of the big castle nearby.  Fish and chips at the local and movies on Saturday afternoons, fond memories actually.  But we are here now, we are Aussies through and through and our lives have been wonderful, I'm glad we came and I'm glad she brought me with her.  Thanks Mum.
The doll pictured here was my mum's.  She gave her to me years ago and I have had her at the doctors getting her arms and legs reattached.  She is made of some sort of china or clay, with glass eyes and two tiny tin teeth.  She is so sweet.  She bears a few little nicks but all in all she is in great condition.  I love the way mum even at 14 still brought her all the way to Australia and kept her all those years.  Over 60 now.  The little dress was a baby dress of mine and mum wrote out some information for me so that in the future I will know a little about Dorothy.  Heirlooms, treasures passed down, we don't see that so much anymore everything seems to be made to throw away, what a shame.


  1. Glad to know that you really enjoyed the trip to sydney harbour...Excellent story behind the Dorothy, the doll too..

    You are really lucky enough to get this from your mom..
    Sydney Harbour Things To Do

  2. Kim, what an interesting post today, I always love knowing history. The doll is beautiful. I never heard of tin teeth. But she is sure a wonderful item to have. Glad you are well. take care.

  3. that is a treasure...i wish i still had some of mine.

  4. The doll is a treasure for sure..

    i see you over at Christina's and came by to say Hi...

    you have a lovely blog and I am happy to follow


  5. Thanks everyone she is a delight. Kary thanks for dropping by nice to meet you.


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