Friday, January 29, 2010

Once Again the Simple Things

Once again Christina at Soul Aperture is hosting a Simple Things post and so many bloggers are getting on board.  I am about 2 days late but I like the idea of having a specific thing to focus on so here we go...

The simple things I love the most..........................

The sound of the rain on the roof while I am trying to sleep
Reading in the afternoons
Mashed potatoes
Fairy lights in trees
Mother birds feeding their babies
Rock pools
Pink and purple sunsets
Floating in the water, eyes closed ears covered
Foot rubs
Head rubs
The scent of baby powder
Fresh white bread and banana sandwiches
Butterflies in flight
Ants scurrying (but not inside)
A spoonful of peanut butter
Laying with my daughters on their beds talking for way too long
Chai tea and honey
Remembering my dad's voice
Hearing my mum's
Knowing my husband adores me
Loving my son-in-law as if he was my son
Catching a fish
Hearing French spoken
Real Italian pizza
Holding tiny baby fingers in my hand

I am always surprised at the things that pop into my mind when I do these lists.  I write notes for myself all the time. I am a list person by nature, but usually it is a list of chores, errands, reminders to ring or visit or pay or drop off.  And when I actually sit long enough to contemplate the things that people are doing lists of, I am surprised at what I think of.  I think Ilike lists to post.

The weekend is upon us, we are househunting at the moment so wish us luck.


  1. good luck with the househunting!

    love your list

  2. Wonderful list! Love chai tea, mashed potatoes, floating in the water. Do you put peanut butter on your banana sandwiches?? =) (I do.)

  3. are those pomegranates? we had those trees in our home when i was a kid. but alas, no more. great list!

  4. House hunting? Moving are you? Far or just a different place? Funny Pomegranates are a FALL fruit here... so I guess the seasons are not completely opposite. Perhaps they are not ripe until Fall? Love the photo of A,D,& A...

  5. Kamana yes I think they are pommegranates, they were at the botanical gardens.
    Toni, yum yes I have had banana and peanut butter together but it has to be fresh white bread too, ha ha!!
    Thanks Sharon it's a nice one hey.
    Thanks Char i enjoy it actually

  6. what a wonderful list... real italian pizza, butterflies in flight... all so beautiful.

  7. Hi! I found you via Christina's party blog. There are many things you mentioned on your list that also bring happiness. I love Mangoes, looking at the sea,hearing the giggles of my 2 year old, and trying to understand her mixture of our 3 languages.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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