Friday, February 5, 2010

Love is...

I must apologise for being away for a few days, this week seems to have flown.  I have spent many hours fiddling with Photoshop Elements 7 and have totally lost track of time.  I have spent hours on the phone reconnecting to a friend whom I haven't spoken with in several months.  I have spent many days calling another friend for her birthday and missing her everytime, still....
I have spent as little time as I can possibly get away with and still look like I am actually doing it, doing the ironing.  Honestly the bane of my life I hate with a capital H ironing.  And I have spent oodles of time scanning hotels in Cannes and booking them and booking our cooking class in Paris and just day dreaming about that incredibly exciting trip.  Umm I believe it is 84 days till we depart, not that I'm counting or anything.  No never, how childish would that be?  I have slept and I have read and I have watched this week the entire 3rd season of CSI, my husband got hooked at Christmas time when our eldest daughter gave him season 2 on dvd and so now he is a Grissom fan.  I have also spent lots of time thinking about houses.  We are on the hunt, again.  I say again becasue honestly I think I have some Gypsy blood mixed in with my good old English blue.  We are never in one place very long it seems.  We built the house we are in just over 4 years ago.  So hey that's long enough I think.  Actually we have two ideas simmering away and one is some space and a little bit of country.  We have looked at 2 houses in the last week on acreage.  One 2 and a half acres with its own rainforest how cool is that?  And one on nearly 9 acres with 5 horse paddocks.  No I do not ride or even really like horses that much.  Not that I dislike them now, but they are mostly big and have really big teeth. . eeww.  So we are going back to the horse paddock one tomorrow and taking Ashleigh and Danielle for a little look.  It has a pool as well and isn't a bad house, but I don't love it.  And usually when I find a house I want to buy I love it, really love it.  I even bought one house twice.  Uhhmm I sure did, crazy you say, well not really it worked out great for us, but I know it isn't the usual thing to do.  At this point in time the other house is under a contract waiting for finance approval and I just had a feeling we would still be getting it, the house is nicer and the granny flat too, so who knows what will happen.
Anyway love is in the air with Valentine's Day only a week away and over at Lensustogether the post for this week is Love..... here is my contribution..Have a great weekend all.

Love is everywhere all the time, we just need to look for it.


  1. My goodness, you have been a busy girl. Of course your would be counting the days until your trip, that sound exciting Kim. I get the urge to move every spring and fall, I used to move a lot when I was on my own. I would love a place with an acreage. I will keep my fingers crossed. I am so glad you are doing so well. I think of you often, take care.

  2. I see it! Have fun househunting..But LOVE it!!!

  3. what a beautiful find!!! catching up with old friends sounds so perfect. Sometimes we all just need that break.

  4. Oh the house with the granny flat sounds appealing, not because I stick my mum in it but because I'd turn it into a photography studio
    Mum can stay where she is LOL!!

    I been so busy I've been neglecting my lens us together posts. I'll have to get cracking on that.

  5. We'll see what happens with the house hunting, I feel ready to go at the moment so hopefully we will find the right place.


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