Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer School Shout Out

Summer School 2010 is over.  I am relieved, I am sad, I am sooooo glad I went.  My class of 13 people and our tutor Don were great.  We had a great mix 4 men ranging from about 70 something to a 3rd year law student and 9 women ranging from 17 to about 60 something.  What a mixed bunch we were, but we all got on pretty well and they are all so talented.  I was just inspired by the young ones creativity and also by our eldest members willingness to try, and he created some of the most wonderful shots too.

I'm not afraid of my camera anymore, I finally know how to use some of those buttons and dials, I know how to layer in photoshop, finally, and I think I can take a better photo in trying situations now than I could 10 days ago.  I challenged myself and I succeeded so all in all a good outcome I think.  The photos above are 4 of the 5 I displayed on the final day, they were taken and edited by me.  I don't necessarilly love them, but they are an indication of most of what we learned.  I also did a portrait which I love but we aren't allowed to post it on the net, for the sake of the model.  On Friday night we had a blast we went bare foot lawn bowling, so much fun especially since most of us can't bowl to save ourselves, laughed our heads off though. 

Now I am getting into organising the accommodation for in between the tours and after etc., as May will be here sooner than I think.  I will post a few more pics in the coming days, missed you all.


  1. Kim. I love the way you have framed and displayed these. May your photography continue to grow. Doesn't it feel liberating knowing what the button the camera do? you now have the ability to control the image and show others what you saw not only with your eyes but with your mind.

  2. Congratulations!! A wonderful accomplishment~

  3. fantastic shots - i loved photography classes when I could take them

  4. Kim, I think they are fantastic. I am so glad you had so much fun, that is fabulous. And such a variety of people. Fabulous. Take care, glad you are well.

  5. thanks everyone I did enjoy it so much

  6. Congratulations on the class, Kim! Your photos are wonderful, and I know how you feel about learning new photography skills; it's so exciting and liberating! xoxo Gigi


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