Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to normal

Yeah I know you look at the photo above and you ask yourself, now didn't Kim just tell us she spent 10 days learning how to take brilliant photos and then tweak them in Photoshop?  And the answer is Yes I did do all of the above, but today life is back to normal, you know how it is, the honeymoon is over.  My house was beginning to look a little tired I must say, the floors were crying out for attention and the carpets of my goodness, we won't even go there!  My bathroom was a disaster, you see I am a 100% girl, actually make that a 200% girl.  Everything I do, I do full speed ahead.  So during the 10 days that I was off swanning around learning to become brilliantly talented, my poor old abode was totally neglected.  And then for the last 3 days I have been recovering.  I know what a drama queen I am, but I was exhausted.  I had to help a friend learn a bit more about the computer she is using, emailing etc and when I got home after lunch yesterday I literally crashed.  My 20 min power nap turned into a 2 hour snooze, uh ha I know crazy hey.  But it is really hot here at the moment and I am obviously built for cooler climes, so France in May will suit me to a T.  Anyhow life is back to normal pretty much and while I still have baskets of ironing to do (I HATE HATE ironing) and I am about to do my shower this evening when I hop in too, everything else is now sorted.  I think my tablets are kicking in and I don't feel as despondent as I was a few weeks ago, so things are looking up.  I have cleaned out a few more cubby holes round the place and the joy of emptying cupboards and tossing out stuff I have been hoarding is wonderful.

I'm 49 next Monday and there is a public holiday on Tuesday here for Australia Day, nice of them to give everyone a holiday so close to my birthday makes me feel special.  So another year is rolling along, that's the way it is hey!


  1. Normal...yeh what's that????I am loving your photos they just keep getting better and better...Such exciting news about my girl...that is after I cried myself into a mess, and I know you no what I mean....Now I am excited for her, and when the bussiness sells guess where I'm heading. May be our girls had to go away to get us out of our comfort zone??Kids are back at school next week so we must get togeather for some of that nice food you keep taking pics of...

  2. an early happy birthday, my dear friend. yay!!!!!
    enjoy your day off!

  3. Mandy, oh wow a trip to Canada how exciting well I hope the business sells soon get your passport ready. Food anytime coffee anytime just call me when you are free.
    Christina, thank you sweet heart.

  4. Early happy 49th! May it be a year of adventure and beauty. I, too, am in the middle of a major cleaning spree. It feels good to purge and organize, doesn't it?

  5. Happy belated BD my friend!!! Love your photos!


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