Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Glorious Food

Jaffa on spoon

Pavlova an Aussie speciality

Really busy at school still, today we went to a restaurant and took photos of the food.  We also ate it oh it was an effort, truly it was.  (read I was starving and it was delicious no effort at all really)  The photo of the jaffa on the spoon will be one that I use in our display at the end of the school.  I like it finally one I like, such a darn perfectionist.  This is fun but I am very busy so until tomorrow, Bon Appetite...................


  1. Keep enjoying, lofe the photos, sounds so exciting, oh and to be learning again. Have fun.

  2. Looks like you are head of the class:)

  3. The Pav looks yummy!
    I have to commend you on the sharpness and focus of your images. You are proving to be a model student.

  4. i made pavloav yesterday - with strawberries and kiwi on top. delicious.

  5. amazing shots!! and yum! have fun, while learning.

  6. that food looks just luscious...yum, yum.

    lots of positive vibes as you wind your way through school.

    one love.


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