Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exhausted, Excited, brain tired

A really quick post today, it's late Sunday afternoon I am excited about tomorrow, we are learning about layers in Photoshop.  We've already done shooting in Raw, exposure, model shoot in the gardens, shooting students in the classes round the Summer School and soooooo much more.  The mushrooms above are just too show you how I am fiddling about with things.  This is totally changed from the original, it isn't good yet, but it looks different and it is so much fun.  Another week to go.  Loving it.  Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Looks like are learning heaps and your making me want to do your course.

  2. Shooting students in class! Oh My! We photographers do use the craziest language. My friend's daughter told her teacher at her new school her mom shoots people in her basement. My friend got a very serious call from the school. LOL Have fun with photoshop it is lots of fun.

  3. all the technicalities is greek and latin to me but this photo is amazing..wonder if you had to take it from the ground.

  4. Liss it is the McGregor Summer School held at the USQ here in Toowoomba, they have a winter school also.
    EccentricLady, I know I thought the very same thing as I was typing our terminology is very strange sometimes.
    Tongue Trip, I laid on the bark in the garden for about 10 minutes taking shots of all the different mushrooms etc, that were there and when I got up I had been bitten 3 times by something and it stung like you wouldn't believe. Oh the dangers of photo shoots. hahaha!!

  5. Sounds so exciting! Can't wait to see more of your results.


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