Thursday, January 7, 2010

Summer School Fun

TV, AV, Apeture, Over exposed, Under exposed, Photoshop, CS2, Lenses, USB sticks, Shutter Speeds, blah blah blah.  Talk about overload, I think my brain will explode before I manage to complete this summer school course.   But I must say I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!  I haven't had this much fun, stress, fear, exhileration, confusion, aahh moments in a long time.  So good, so  much fun, so cool.  Just being here with all these people, roaming round the uni all day is amazing.  Crazy dressed ladies, cool looking young people, long haired guys with tatty pants, hippy dippy people.  All so creative and talented.  Muso's, artists, photographers, screen printers, jewellery makers you name it they are here and I am here with them, who would of guessed.

The wood workers are amazing, the tutor has created a timber hutch with a value of 1.2million dollars, hows that?

So I am exhausted, seriously and excited and finally looking forward to the next day, I should have done this years ago.  But now is the exact right time.  Tomorrow we go back to the Japanese Gardens and do some panorama shots, that will be interesting.  We will merge them in Photoshop, so much to learn.


  1. ooh i would love to learn more about photography - the course must be so much fun!

  2. Guess what ? I envy you:) Is it close to home this class?

  3. oh i miss my photography classes - have fun!

  4. Good for you Kim! I have been dabbling in digital scrapbooking and have completed a few albums too. I will take a one time class tonight. Seems I have big plans but the reality is I cannot commit to any class until I fully retire. (in a year perhaps?) I have always wanted to take a photography class!!! ENJOY!

  5. Kim I am thrilled for you, how very exciting, I wish I was in your will do wonderful. take care my friend.

  6. Oh I can feel the excitement in this blog post. Just remember aperture and shutter speed control your exposure.

    I really like your photos and it looks like they are all exposed nicely.

    I got my little gift today, thanks so much it is gorgeous.

  7. i really need to get back into a class to see what's new or old. : )
    good luck with this, you will do great.


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