Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Exploits


I felt like cooking today, Ashleigh & Danielle are at the Roma Races, how funny is that.  Seriously Roma is at least a 4 or 5 hour drive away and really it is a small country town. Why I asked myself would anyone want to drive that far in the heat we are experiencing right now just to go to a horse race in some tiny little hot, dry, town, but that is my girls, they love anything different, they  love having fun with their friends, they love anything new and they have never been to the Roma Cup before.  That's what I admire about them, they just have a go at most things, things I wouldn't bother with and they usually have a great time, so good on them.
So I don't know if the girls not being here, the house being a little quiet not filled with music and chatter, I don't know if that's why I felt like cooking, but I did.  First I made a yummy Choc Orange cake with Chocolate Frosting and then I made the cheese tart.  I beat cottage cheese, 3 eggs milk and salt and pepper in a bowl.  I blind baked the pastry, shortcrust and cooked chopped bacon.  Sprinkled the bacon on the pastry base, layered the bocconcini and red onion, and then poured over the blended cottage cheese and eggs and milk.  I topped the lot with halved cherry and roma tomatoes and baked.  Oh yes I used one very large chopped clove of garlic and sprinkled this over the cheese and onion layers.  This was absolutely delicious, it is quite garlicky and it is delicious.

I'm not sure why I am so consumed with all things food at the moment, but I love, making up recipes and just trying to cook things that are different and maybe that we might not whip up everyday, I am just really enjoying experimenting and doing new things.  Now I just have to find some new people to share them with. 

Friday night the girls, Adrian and myself went to a new restaurant in town called Campari, we had Mohitos, I am a Mohito fan.  So refreshing, so summer, oh my can't wait to enjoy one with my American friend Gretchen when we get to Paris in May.  Gretchen told me about them when we were in the Cinque Terre earlier this year, but I never tried one until Friday night.

So to make a Mohito you need some white rum, we had Bacardi and then you need, well go here for the recipe seriously about the best summer, or well maybe anytime cocktail, I have had in a longtime. 

Now tell me can you see the difference in the above two drinks, both supposedly Mohito's the first one is the one Adrian bought me after I tried the second one, which is the one the girls bought. Does that make sense?  It wasn't very nice and we giggled about it a bit then Adrian made sure that we got the girl who could make them well and the next one was great. 

So Ashleigh isn't as tiddly as she looks, just bad photography on my part. It was a nice night.


  1. Looks like fun! And your tart looks divine:)

  2. sounds like a great night - i love the combination of mint and lime too. just perfect.

  3. Okay Kim, I vote for the tall Mojito, it looks like what we call a Mojito here in the US. I loved the look of the tart!!! Wish I was there, as a true friend I would be happy to taste test!!! I had to look up "bocconcini" as we call that "fresh Mozzarella" that is packaged in whey. Missing your girls, eh? xo


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