Monday, November 23, 2009



Of things above,
of things in the past,
of things planned or hoped for.

A chance to contemplate, remember,
Tears flow and dry on my cheeks,
Fear, frustration, anger, longing,
release and hopefully healing.

Questions asked, not answered,
confusion reigns,
Life changes, goes on, the wheels fall off.
Days dawn and nights fall,
somewhere, out there are the truths, the lies,
the hopes and dreams.

Somewhere, sometime, hopefully,
the answer will come.

Reflections of me.


  1. Kim this is a beautiful post, I love the reflections, I pray that someday you may find a sense of peace. Your words make me want to give you a great big hug!Take care from your friend across the miles.

  2. Those are lovely photos..and your words are heartfelt.
    Your blog/journal brings your thoughtfulness to many:)

  3. lovely writing.

    i love reflections.

  4. oh my I sound so maudlin and I'm really not such a misery guts. Ooh I'll have to watch out....
    Thanks for caring

  5. So beautiful! I adore reflecting- weather good feelings or not so good feelings are involved. I love it here.


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