Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Choc Orange Cake and a little secret

I have a little secret, tip might be a better word.  Watching a cooking show the other day I saw the chef use baking paper to line the grater before he grated the orange rind.  What a great idea, for ages I have wasted so much rind that gets stuck on the grater, or I scrape around with a knife trying to get it out of the grooves.  This is so easy.  Just press a piece of baking paper onto the grater and grate.  When you pull it off the rind just scrapes easily of the paper.  Nifty hey!!

So I was making a packet chocolate cake and varied it a little by adding the grated rind of one orange and the juice of one very juicy orange.  And about 60ml more water than the recipe required.  Then a nice choc frosting.  It's texture is almost mud cake like and so delicious like a jaffa yum yum!!

My tweaked picture of the Choc Orange Cake

So it's is nice and easy and now you on't lose any of the rind you have grated either.

Off to see New Moon tonight with Ashleigh and Danielle,  hmm hope it's as good as I am expecting.  And I haven't quite made up my mind whose camp I am in yet, Edward or Jacob, we'll see.  Oh and went to see the Time Traveller's Wife on Sunday, wow gets my mind ticking, how can he be here and there, how can he be anywhere after he has died.  Questions by the dozen, but I loved the way she waited so many years for him, she loved him with all her heart, I hope my darling loves me like that.  Interesting movie and quite out of the ordinary, a bit like Benjamin Button, another mind boggler.  Did you enjoy those movies or what other one has gotten you thinking, I love something that gets me wondering.


  1. Wow that a cool cooking tip. I'm defiantly going to try that.... thanks.
    Sad :( I don't get out to the movies at all nor do I really get the opportunity to watch them on telly. Although "The Castle" is on telly tonight and is one of my all time Aussie movies, might try and watch that.

    I've heard mixed reviews about the book "the time travelers wife" but I think I'd like to read it.

  2. Thanks for the tip..cake looks great,,I read the book of TTW..never saw the movie..I enjoyed the book:)Have fun with the girls..

  3. oh, that's a great tip! thanks

  4. Great tip. If only I were a baker of anything but banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. You make me want to try.


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