Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Heart Songs

Christina is holding a Simple Things day today.  Simple things that make your heart sing, here are mine....

sunshine peeking through the curtains to start the day
foggy mornings
cool air on my face as I walk
the sun peeping over the horizon smiling hello
baby birds squawking for their mum's to fill their tummy's
pancakes and maple syrup, crunchy bacon
yellow roses
snowy white jasmine scenting the air
creamy white gardenias

walks together holding hands
sunrises and sunsets
the smell of fabric softener on freshly washed clothes
the waft of hot bread from the bakery down the street
hot coffee, vanilla and chai tea
corriander on the chopping board
tomatoes on the vine
hot biscuits just out of the oven

homemade chappatti from hands that love me
the scent of babies just out of the bath
the feel of their hands in mine
crispy white sheets
snuggly wool blankets
smoky outdoor fires
marshmallows on sticks
christmas lights on houses
carols at night
snowy mountain tops
bells on cows necks
fields of wildflowers
rain on the beach
the smell of rain on the earth
long sandy beaches
coconut oil on hot salty skin
the drops of cold water on the outside of my wine glass
the swoosh of the waves aound my feet
the colours in the rock pools

unexpected storms
huge grey clouds

chocolate peanut butter icecream
soft creamy cheese
hot buttery bread
cinnamon spices for apples
sticky date pudding
butterscotch sauce
rainy days in bed
reading a love story that makes me cry
long lazy lunches on weekdays with my love
early morning flower markets
petals falling from crab apple trees
jacaranda carpets on soft green grass
tatty old rabbits

so many things that make my heart sing
so many ways to feel love


  1. the smell of rain on the earth...aaah.

    so glad i stopped by to enjoy your list.

    one love.

  2. this list leaves me breathless.
    a deep sigh for beauty.

  3. Hello! My first visit here via Christina of Soul Aperture... You have a lovely blog... and thank you for sharing your sweet, simple moments. Happy Days :o)

  4. What wonderful simple goodness! Mmmmmm butterscotch sauce :)...warm on vanilla ice cream...

  5. Oh my. I love, love, love, this list and I love the photographs. I hope you are okay with me bookmarking this list...I want to be able to come back to it again and again. All of those scents you mention -- they just take me to places I haven't visited in a long, long time. Thank you!! ♥

  6. A beautiful list. Ah, made me feel warm inside reading it.

  7. Oh your list is a treat for my senses! So many delicious tastes, smells, sights and feelings-beautiful!

  8. You have a wonderful list, although it's made me quite hungry ;). An unexpected storm brings me bliss as well.

  9. you have some beautiful things here. it makes me think of love and happiness - very good feelings.

    hoping you had a beautiful day.

  10. you got me with with crisp white sheets and huge grey clouds....those are simple loves of mine, too :)

  11. Whaat a beautiful list! Loved it. Be well.

  12. your list is so nice. I found my self going Ooh, Aah, Oh, Mmm all the way through it

  13. Hot biscuits, marshallows on sticks - oh the food - makes me so comforted and HUNGRY!

    What a wonderful list - kind of makes my morning!

  14. Hot biscuits and marshmallows on sticks - yummy and comforting at the same time!

    What a wonderful way to start my day - and a fabulous list!

  15. Your list has made me hungry! I'm going to go make some elaichi chai.

  16. Oh yes, chocolate peanut butter ice cream....yes, yes, yes!!!


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