Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Things

Spring Bluff railway station, an old station used most often now only for tourist jaunts during the Carnival of Flowers and for the odd coal train to pass through.  Such a lovely place to wander and take pictures.  We found rusty wheels and tracks, old signals and beautiful flowers and grasses.

Two rather large Bearded Dragons or Frilled Neck Lizards sunning themselves on the rocks.  They were curious and rather lazy not in too much of a hurry to dash off.

Old carriages, the paint peeling, the shuttered windows closed.  Echoes of days long gone, whisping round about us.  Days when things were not so rushed and ladies in long gowns and carrying parasoles went for afternoon walks.  Tea was drunk and talk was hushed.  Simple times or so they seem.  I wonder if really the days were easier, simpler, perhaps not.  But the memories linger on in these old buildings and trains and my imagination takes me to these days long gone. I wonder.


  1. Hi, it makes me wonder if things were easier too. I love the pics, not too keen on the lizards. I had to look twice. lol. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Take care.

  2. Kim, have you stated your photography course yet?
    All 5 of these images have great composition.

    I'm not sure if those days were easier but defiantly less rushed. There is something whimsical about having time to stop for tea in the gardens and a walk with a parasol.

  3. Cinner, these lizards were pretty big, there are goanna's here that are enormous yuk! You take care too!
    Liss, I haven't started the course yet it begins in January can't wait. Thanks for the compliment I just love taking pics.


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