Monday, October 19, 2009

Julia and Julie

We went to see Julia and Julie on Friday night, I know it didn't get rave reviews, but I really enjoyed it and so did Adrian.  I loved the way Meryl Streep spoke and if Julia Child was really like that what a hoot it would have been to have met her.  I loved the way Julie set the task and for the entire year kept at it, even when the poor chicken hit the floor and the stuffing fell out, even when the Beef stew (I can't spell borgnone) burnt, even when the lobster tried to jump out of the pot.  I just loved it.  And good on Julia for defying the system in France back in the day and having a go.  I know that I defeat myself so many times, because I am afraid to have a go in an environment that I'm not comfortable in. For instance I would have chucked it in when the room was full of men, firstly who could actually cook already and secondly who could cut onions. That was funny!  I don't even know how to hold a knife like that.  A friend said to me the other day, don't talk yourself out of it you haven't even started.  I know that's what I do all the time.  I don't like to fail and I don't like to be uncomfortable.  So this week to challenge myself,  I have joined the local Photography club, eek!! and I have enrolled at the McGregor Summer School in a Photography course for people of intermediate skill.  Umm I have no idea if I would qualify for intermediate level, but I just want to go and so I am hoping to pick up enough camera knowledge in the next two months to firmly plant me in the intermediate level.  I laugh as I write that because I just spent an hour trying to put a frame on this picture in Adobe Elements 7 and couldn't so good luck to the tutor he's going to need it.   

I can adjust the levels, the colour, contrast, lighting etc but I got a book a while ago on fancying up your blog and I thought it would be easy and help me go from bland to glam and of course as is the way with computers, software and techniques it never is.  The directions she gives are for the programmes I have too and still they don't work arghhhh!!!! I get so annoyed and I have so much to do today I just can't sit here all day and fiddle which makes me more annoyed cause I would like to.  So a deep breathe Kim, calm down and settle petal.  Oh and on to something a little more Julia and Julie..... we bought the Master Chef Master class DVD on Friday and so we are going to do the classes hopefully once a week and I will do my own little blog on that.  Whether I become another Julia or Julie for that matter, is yet to be seen and the odds are I won't, but I think it will be fun. Talking of cooking classes, last Tuesday night Ade and I went to a Lebanese cooking class.  A local coffee shop/cafe holds cooking classes once a month and I have wanted to go for a while now and have never gotten around to it.  The lady who runs the shop is Lebanese and this time that's the style she chose to cook.  Well in my mind I was going to be cutting, chopping, slicing, frying, braising, sauteeing, etc., etc you get the idea, but no we stood and watched.  I was really ticked off.  There were about 30 people in the tiny, space and because most of the dishes took hours of slow cooking she had done a lot of it during the day.  So $160 dollars later I still don't know how to cook Lebanese food.  I learnt how to crush garlic with the knife and make my own paste out of that, but thats about it. Oh and I found out I don't really like Lebanese food much either. Sooooo annoying.  So the DVD sounds good to me at least I get to do something. 

Don't you just love cherry and peach blossoms in Spring !!?


  1. I love both photos, I had to laugh when you said good luck to the tutor. You will just be fine. Good for you for doing new things, I would be upset about that cooking class though!
    Some of the bloggers do wonderful cooking posts, my food never looks that good. Good luck to you with that, I will be checking on you. Take care.

  2. I envy you w/ the class:)

    I loved the movie..I gave it 4 stars.:)It won my reviews!

  3. This post is lovely,honest and full of life. : )
    First, I loved, loved julie and Julia! Oh, I felt right at home.
    Second, you will do brilliantly in your photo class, you take wonderful, photos, already. : )
    Third~ you know I gently say this- I believe if you had a cook that taught you lebanese cooking, that asked you what your favorite foods were, involved you in the cooking technique a bit more, I feel you might like it. This was the case, for me. I am hoping another opportunity comes along, for you to try this cuisine, my dear friend. That is a lot of money too! lol

  4. Thanks so much girls you jus make me fel so good!! xx

  5. Oh what a shame about your Lebanese cooking class. Sounds like they were just trying to make some extra bucks rather that teaching people how to cook. I want to learn cake decorating although maybe cooking classes are a good place to find a future husband! :)
    I so want to by Masterchef winner Juile's book when it is released.

    Good on your for signing up for the photography course it looks like you will learn a lot. Good luck at the camera club, word of advice don't join the committee or become the Competition Print and DPI (digitally projected image) secretary. LOL
    All seriousness I love my camera club that is why I took on the most difficult role in the committee. You will learn a lot.

  6. Good for you Kim! BTW, I also loved the movie!!!

  7. loved the movie and liked Julie better in the movie than the book. i'm currently reading julia's "my life in france" and i'm loving her 'voice' in the book. good luck the the club and the classes - i know you will do great.


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